your inspection


As your home inspection team, We at McCoy and McCoy want to put your concerns above all else. We will make the inspection process as easy as we possibly can. It is your new home and we will treat it as such.

Your inspection will take a few hours to complete. We will be as thorough as possible, by checking every detail of your new home for you.Once your inspection has been compiled, a detailed report will be sent to you, usually within a day or two after your inspection has been completed.

Listed below are a just a few of the items we will be looking for when inspection your new home.

* Grounds *
We will look for Proper grading drainage away from house, Yard, landscaping, trees and walkways in good condition

* Structure *
We will check to see if the ridge and fascia board lines appear straight and level if the Sides of house appear straight, not bowed or sagging and if the windows and door frames appear square We will check to make sure that the wood frames and trim pieces are secure, no cracks, rot or decay. That the roof, eves and chimney are in good condition

* Interior *
Floors, walls and ceilings appear straight and plumb and level,flooring materials in good condition,that there are no significant cracks in walls or ceilings. Electrical outlets test properly and that there is heating/cooling source in each habitable room