meeting with your inspector


Buying a house is serious business. Whether a recently built estate or a modest fixer-upper, getting the lowdown on your potential home is of tantamount importance. A professional home inspector is always your best bet for a thorough home evaluation, but it's a good idea to have a general understanding of what to look out for.

Purchasing a new home can be very nerve racking. At McCoy and McCoy we fully understand the range of emotions one has when buying a new home. We do our best to make the inspection phase of your purchase as easy as we possibly can.

At our initial meeting, we encourage you as a buyer, to ask all the questions you may have and we will do our very best to answer them all.

We will go over every aspect of your home with you, and provide you a final report once we have concluded our inspection. We will be looking over your entire home, from the foundation to the the eves, we will inspect it all. We will pay special attention to those items that could hinder financing, such as the foundation, or furnace. We will also pay close attention to the details, such as opening every single window to check that they open and close properly and testing every electrical outlet to insure that they are in proper working condition.